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Brazil Santa Catarina Florianopolis

Let the adventure begin in Florianopolis, arguably one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. During this 8 days Surf-Trip you will be able to learn or to improve surfing in the most beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina Island, in Florianopolis. Known as a world-class surf spot, Florianopolis offers pure nature and perfect waves for beginners as well an indermediate and advanced surfers in wonderful and partly pristine beaches. Immerse yourself into the the fascinating flora and fauna of the Atlantic Rainforest, while likewise taking surf-lessons from a professional surf instructor.

About 75 kilometers in southwestern direction of Florianopolis, the beach of "Praia do Rosa" is the best location and provides the best infrastructure for whale watching in South Brazil. Our offered hotel supports the project "Baleia Franca", which protects the whales in the South of Brazil. These animals can grow up to a size of 17 meters length and 45 tons of weight. Between July and November they give birth to their calves and feed their offspring at the coast of Santa Catarina.

Get to know the city that is often referred to by Brazilians as the most-liked city in the country. The majority of the city is on the island of Santa Catarina, which offers stunning nature and a high quality of life. Let yourself be fascinated by the island, dreamy beaches and the Atlantic Rainforest.

Our Brazilian language trip takes you to Florianopolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. Florianopolis is considered one of the cities with the highest quality of life in Brazil. Your language course includes 3 hours of language instruction 5x a week including teaching material and German-speaking support on-site. The language school is located in Lagoa da Conceicao, a small, lively district of Florianopolis. Lagoa da Conceicao combines dunes, mountains and the largest lake on the island and is located about 14km from the city center.

Travel Package
Brazil Santa Catarina Florianopolis

Pass paddy fields and exotic orchards while you drive straight to the Atlantic rainforest. Set up your bivouac at a riverside and start an interesting hike through the forest. Our experienced guide will explain you everything about the unique flora and fauna. Climb the "Morro do macaco" (monkey rock) until you reach a beautiful water fall, where you can take a refreshing bath.