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Pantano do Sul

The 2,35 kilometers long beach of Pantano do Sul provides a beautiful picture with its colorful fishing boats. The beach is very calm and perfectly convenient for promenades along the water line. The moony fishing village Pantano do Sul was founded by the Azoreans and is famous for its traditional fishermen beach in whole Santa Catarina. Here, you can enjoy the view over the turquoise-colored sea from one of the specialized fish restaurants, who also serve fine sea food dishes. The beach is especially favored by families with children.

In Pantano do Sul you can also find the archaeological site of the find in Cemiterio Hill and the hiking trail to the beach of Lagoinha do Leste. The distance to the city center of Florianopolis is 31 kilometers and in Pantano do Sul you can find varios accommodation offers. Nice pousadas, which are located at the beach suggest you to rest and relax. Furthermore, the great variety in day trip offers and excursions in Pantano do Sul guarantees an unforgettable holiday in Florianopolis.