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Activities in Florianopolis

The diversified nature of Florianopolis and Santa Catarina offers a variety of activities, tours, trips, daytrips and outdoor activities. Dreamlike beaches with snow white dunes, lakes, mountain chains and the Atlantic rainforest offer several options. Here you can find anything you want: diving, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paragliding, kayaking, sandboarding, wild water kayaking, rafting, canyoning, biking tours, horseback riding, whale watching, boat trips, different opportunities for hiking, wellness and spa programs and much more.

Canyoning/ rappelling

An adventure awaits you with canyoning. The impressing canyon landscape of Santa Catarina offers many different places where you can rappel of different levels. The region provides an almost endless variety of cliffs and canyons. Beginning with little rainforest rivers in the middle of the Atlantic rainforest, which provide excellent conditions for canyoning beginners, up to challenging canyons for experienced and brave sports adventurers. Following jumps into refreshing mountain lakes are for fun and you can then relax in a cave lake.
Famous spots for rappelling on the island are located at the top of the beach Gravata between Barra da Lagoa and Praia Mole (30 meters descent) and at the coast of Aranha (20 meters), that can be reached by the beach.
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Rafting and wild water kayaking

Santa Catarina is famous for rafting and wild water kayaking. The Itajai valley provides rafting routes from level I to V and the Cubatao river provides levels up to class IV. The Cubatao river is located within the nature reserve Serra do Tabuleiro near Santo Amaro da Imperatriz. Some rivers have their spring here between the mountain chains and peaks up to 1250m high.


A rafting tour is a special natural adventure . You explore the river within the breathtaking nature of waters, rock and rainforest and feel many faster and also slower parts of the river with your boat. Falling parts and breath taking slopes get your adrenalin flowing and make this adventure a unique adventure for beginners and professionals . Got curious?
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Wild water kayaking

Another highlight for outdoor adventurers is a wild water kayaking expedition. Beginning with calm wild water, across untouched canyons within the Atlantic rainforest , to challenging parts with little waterfalls and tightening parts of the river this diversity will become an unforgettable experience. For more thrills, use the rocks and jump into the bay with clear water. In Santa Catarina you can experience wild water trips across beautiful nature with canyons, waterfalls and the beauty of the Atlantic rainforest.
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Wind- and Kite surfing

Two of the most famous activities in Florianopolis are windsurfing and kitesurfing. Numerous surf spots, flat lagoons and strong winds ensure excellent conditions for surfing. The extended flat areas of the lake Lagoa da Conceicao offer optimal conditions for surf beginners. Here you can find surf schools and rentals.
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Surfing in Florianopolis and Santa Catarina

Surfing plays a great role in the lives of the inhabitants. Floripa, also known as the surf capital of Brazil, offers excellent conditions for surfing. In Santa Catarina there are the most famous surf spots in Brazil on the island as well as on the coasts of the mainland. Beginners and professionals can find excellent conditions for surfing. This is the reason why the place is also the event location for the WCT, the international world surf competition and you could surf together with Kelly Slater. Every year there are several greater and smaller surf competitions taking place in Florianopolis and at the coast of Santa Catarina. Many of these events are organized by the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals), the international surf association and manager of the world championship in surfing. You have the chance to participate in several parts of the World Qualifying Tour (WQT) live.
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Diving and snorkeling in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

The island also offers great diving spots- one of which is the island Arvoredo. Arrival is possible only by boat, which takes about an hour to complete. The boats leave from Canasvieiras or on the Ponto das Canas. The trip is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers. Also, the Ilha do Campeche is suitable with its crystal clear waters ideal for diving and snorkeling.
Excellent diving opportunities are also about 75 km from Florianopolis offer removed in Bombinhas, on the coast of Santa Catarina. The nearby beach of Praia da Sepultura is well suited for snorkeling.

Paragliding in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

Explore Floripa from a very special perspective! A flight over the Ilha da Magia- the island of magic is certainly an unforgettable experience. This is made possible by a tandem paragliding flight. They can start from the hills of Praia Mole, as well as the Brava beach, or you rise in Lagoa da Conceicao, and enjoy the view from the beautiful lake and dunes.
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Sand boarding in Florianopolis

A little sandy, but certainly worth experiencing is the experience sand boarding or wide board slipping on the dunes of Joaquina. Put your athletic skills to the test and enjoy this fun adventure in the beautiful desert landscape of the island.
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Riding on the beach in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina

Green, vast mountain ranges, endless sandy beaches and the beauty of the Atlantic rainforest in Santa Catarina make it a paradise for horse lovers. Especially in southern Brazil, the horse is still a daily companion and friend of the gauchos. There are many ways to explore nature on horseback.
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Whale Watching in Santa Catarina

Another "animal" experience is offered to you in the south of Santa Catarina. Here you have the option to see "Baleias Franca"- the right whales. With up to 17 m long and 60 tons, these sea creatures fascinate their audience. Between July and November these giant mammals can be found off the coast of South America, in the protected bays of the coastal region of Santa Catarina to give birth to their offspring. Especially many whales are in the South of Florianopolis Catarina spotted and on the south coast of Santa Catarina. They come up close to 30 m on the Brazilian coast, which provides ideal conditions to observe the mother whales with their calves at play.
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Boat trip in Florianopolis

The turquoise freshwater lagoon Lagoa da Conceicao, which is located in the heart of Florianopolis, invites you to explore the beautiful area by boat. The variety of vegetation along the lake shore provides shelter for many animal species. Many different bird species can be observed and with luck you can see even small monkeys and toucans. By boat, it is also possible to discover the Sambaqui-burial place of the former Indians. Let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking scenery and refresh yourself in the crystal clear water of the lakes.
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Bicycle Tours in Santa Catarina

Due to its landscape diversity and the diversity of paths and roads conditions, Santa Catarina is ideal for biking. For this reason, the region will be selected again for stages of the Catarinense, Brazilian and international championships in the downhill and cross-country disciplines.
In the North, the coastal mountains impress with beautiful scenery and various possibilities are offered to mountain bikers. Located in the South of the state the mountain chain Aparados da Serra surprises with a diverse and varied network of trails that runs through the highlands, revealing the greatness of the canyon. In the mountainous region of Serra Catarinense are the highest mountains. Here are a unique lookout points offered and bicycle paths lead past waterfalls, stone-age rock carvings and beautiful small towns. The Atlantic rain forest of the Itajai Valley and the coastal area also offer many wonderful tracks on which you can discover the unique environment. A true paradise for the adventurous!

Hiking in Florianopolis

The island offers nature lovers many exceptionally beautiful hiking options. The paths (trilha) lead you to the various beaches of the island.
Hike to the mystical stones on the Trilha da Oracao. One of the most beautiful hiking trails of the island will lead you through the Atlantic rainforest, past spectacular rock formations. The mountain top with breathtaking views invites you to linger. Even here are several rock formations, including the famous prayer stone Pedra da Oracao. From here you have a unique view of the freshwater lake Lagoa da Conceicao, and the paradisiacal beaches of Praia Mole and Praia Galheta, Praia Barra da Lagoa and Praia have Mocambique. On the hike you will be provided with interesting information about the rock formations and the millennia-old knowledge of the aborigines. In addition, you get to know the nature conservation project Salve Floripa, advocating for the protection of the Atlantic rain forest in Florianopolis. It will grant you a fascinating insight into the knowledge, customs and rituals of indigenous people who lived over 5.000 years ago on the island. Explore the history of Brazilian culture, and let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful landscape. Enjoy this special hiking experience as one of few tourists, because this trail is not publicly accessible.
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In the Southeast of Florianopolis is the secluded trail to the unspoiled beach Lagoinha do Leste, known as the most beautiful of Florianopolis. This is only accessible on foot and on days with calm seas and with the boat. Just the right thing for adventurers! The walk can be started from two different starting points: In Pantano do Sul (2.3 km, two-hour hike with a steep climb), or from the beach Matadeiro (4.3 km, about three hours walk from flat slope). Both paths lead you on a cliff along by the Atlantic rain forest. On the beach you can enjoy a unique natural spectacle: sheer rock cliffs, a dream beach enclosed by green hills in the middle of a fresh water lagoon for swimming and the emerald green ocean for surfing with optimum conditions.
Do not forget: a local guide who will take you safely to your destination and can give insights into the fantastic flora and fauna, sunscreen, insect repellent, water and something to eat, because there are no restaurants on the beach!
Discover this beautiful trail with us! Get more information here.

In the neighborhood of Lagoa da Conceicao is the Canto dos Aracas trail. There are no roads anymore and it is only accessible on foot or by boat. Stunningly beautiful natural scenery awaits you! On narrow roads that wind their way into it along the coast in the Atlantic rain forest, you are getting through tiny hamlets, past waterfalls and ancient ruins from the time of slavery. After a two hour hike, you come to the Costa da Lagoa, a fishing village with many restaurants close to the waterfront. Here you will have a beautiful view of the largest lake of Florianopolis and the mangrove forests on the opposite. Enjoy this unique experience and learn something about the historical and geographical features of this beautiful environment by our local guide!
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In the South of the island, Caieira da Barra do Sul path leads you to the southernmost tip of Florianopolis, the beach, "the shipwrecked." The Naufragados-beach got its name from an accident of Azoreans, which occurred 1751. An about 3 kilometers long hiking trail leads you through the Atlantic rain forest and after about 50 minutes brings you to one of the most beautiful beaches of Floripa. It belongs to the nature reserve Tabuleiro. Again, this can only be reached on foot or by boat. The 1500 meters long, white sandy beach is visited by many who prefer a wilder landscape. It is known for its rough seas and ideal for surfing. From the beach you have a look at the island Aracatuba, where the Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao is. In calm weather, it can be visited. At the right end of the beach a small path leads you to the rocky coast to the lighthouse. From there you can enjoy the unique view. Behind the rock fishing boats bring you back to the starting point. Our guide is looking forward to accompany you on this adventure!

The Saquinho path begins at the beach in the South, Solidao. Nearby is a hidden trilha that meanders uphill through the forest and takes you about 15 minutes to the waterfall Cachoeira da Solidao. Surrounded by high cliffs, a small natural pool invites you to swim there. An absolute must! A further 2.5 hour hike leads you through the Atlantic rain forest to the small fishing village Saquinho. The paved road is a good choice for beginners and takes you walking on a steep coast, through beautiful landscapes. At the same beach, the fishing village is not accessible by road and has any power supply.

Daytrip to Floripa's fortresses

A daytrip takes you to the fortresses surrounding the island of Florianopolis. By boat you go from Canasvieiras at the Dolphin Bay, Baia dos Golfinhos along the Anhatomirim Island. It is possible to watch dolphins playing in the water. On the island lays the oldest and largest fortress of Florianopolis. The Fortaleza de Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim served in earlier times as the primary site of defense against Spanish invaders.
Another boat tour is offered from the boat dock on Avenida Beira Mar, near the Hercilio Luz Bridge. This trip also leads you to the dolphin bay past the Forte Santa Cruz, but includes one additional stopover on the island Ratones. There lies the Fort Santo Antonio Ratones.

Tamar Turtle Project

A trip to the fishing village of Barra da Lagoa, offers you the opportunity to learn the most successful conservation project in Brazil, the Tamar Project (Projeto Tamar).
There, you get to know the turtle species that are inhabitant on the Brazilian coast. TAMAR is an abbreviation for Tartaruga Marinha, translated sea turtle. The successful project was launched in 1980 by the Brazilian environmental protection agency IBAMA into life and is now supported by a charitable foundation. The aim is to ensure the existence of five endangered sea turtle species. In addition to monitoring and protecting the turtles are a broad-based environmental education campaign and the development of alternative income sources important components of the project.