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Balneario Camboriu

A beach in Balneario Camboriu with houses in the background

The popular city Balneario Camboriu is located 87 kilomters away from the island of Florianopolis, 99 kilometers away from the international airport of Herlicio Luz on Florianopolis and 20 kilometers away from the airport of Navegantes.

The coastal city Balneario Cambiu combines urban infrastructure with dreamlike natural beauty and living quality. Balneario Cambiu is also known as the Copacabana of South Brazil. It is the city with the best living quality of Santa Catarina and attracts many tourists. In the main season, the bathing resort of Balneario Cambiu is the main destination for Argentinian and Brazilian tourists. Balneario Cambiu is located at the water mouth of the river "Itajai-Acu". The core of Camboriu consists of about 70.000 inhabitants, but grows up to 1.000.000 in the high season from December to March!

The bathing resort, one of the most favored holiday destinations of South Brazil, offers attractions and activities for all people of every age and taste.
A great variety of excursions in Balneario Cambiu guarantees a diversified and unforgettable holiday Santa Catarina: Boat trips along the coast and to the offshore islands, daytrips to the paradisiacal beaches of Balneario Camboriu, helicopter flights over the coast of Santa Catarina, fun with Jet Ski and banana boat trips in Balneario Camboriu. A breathtaking view over Balneario’s beaches and the surroundings is provided to the visitors from the hill "Morro da Cruz". Up here, the 33 meters high statue of Christ "Cristo Luz" takes care of the city. One of the most beautiful excursion destinations of Balneario Camboriu is the island "Ilha das Cabras", which can be accessed via boat.

Also the park of Camboriu is worth a daytrip. Here, vacationers can explore the roots of the state of Santa Catarina. Moreover, excursions can be made to the water parks (Parques Aquaticos) and to the nearly located theme park "Beto Carrero World", South America´s biggest theme park and the fifth greatest theme park in the world. The island Florianopolis is situated 87 kilometers in southwestern direction away from Balneario Camboriu and is perfectly convenient for daytrips from Balneario Camboriu.
The famous cities Brusque, Blumenau and Pomerode also lie near Balneario Camboriu and are attractive due to their interesting history and their great cultural treasure of ancient immigrants. They serve as a perfect excursion destination. The main attractions of Camboriu are the dreamlike beaches.

In Balneario Camboriu also a great cultural program is provided. Within the city center you can find museums, churches and a city library with a historical archive, ancient newspaper articles and antique pictures, which give an ideal insight into the historical aspects of the coastal city. The church Santa Ines was built in form of a straw hat. The church of Santo Amaro, which was visited by the royal family, hosts objects of enormous historical value.

Balneario Camboriu is also faous for its vivid nightlife. Here you can find houndreds of bars with live music and the best clubs of Santa Catarina. Those, who want to enjoy the real action, are at the right place. Within the numerous bars, pubs and discotheques there is the live and at the 7 kilometers long "Avenida Atlantica" is action every time.
Balneario Camboriu also provides a very good infrastructure, many shopping facilities, restaurants, beach bars, nice cafés, many first class accommodations, beautiful pousadas and excellent hotels at the beach of Balneario Camboriu.

You can also find well equipped business and congress centers. Balneario Camboriu welcomes guests during the whole year with its impressing hotel infrastructure. The 110 hotels of Balneario Camboriu have a total capacity of 20.00 beds. The hotely of Balneario Camboriu have an excellent image in entire Santa Catarina and guarantee their guests a unique and unforgettable holiday in Balneario Camboriu.