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Praia da Lagoinha

Praia da Lagoinha is located at the northern end of the island of Florianopolis, 34 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis. This sympathetic and peaceful beach village is mainly inhabited by fishermen. Especially the colorful fishing boats, which lie at the beach, are nice to see at the Praia da Lagoinha, because they create a wonderful look. You can watch the fishermen doing their work and also try to help, when the big fishing nets are collected.

The 800 meter long beach of Lagoinha is especially favored by families with children, due to the calm and clear water and the fine sandy beach. The water temperatures are convenient and the calm sea is perfect for swimming. The village itself offers a familiar, cozy atmosphere and you can get easily into contact with the inhabitants in one of the beach bars while drinking a cerveja (beer). At the beach of Lagoinha also restaurants are situated. Generally, Praia da Lagoinha offers much tranquility and is a good destination for relaxation in Florianopolis. The accommodation offers nice pousadas in Lagoinha, Florianopolis. Moreover, some shopping facilities are provided- a greater commercial center can be found in the neighboring village Ponta das Canas.