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Florianopolis climate and weather

Climate and weather are subtropical in Florianopolis and entire Santa Catarina with average temperatures of 18°C. In the Northeast of Santa Catarina the average temperature is 22°C, in the northern coast region and in the West it is 20°C, in the southern coast region 18°C and in the high regions it is 7°C.
Florianopolis has the climate characteristics inherent to the southern Brazilian coast. The seasons are well characterized. Precipitation is significant and well distributed throughout the year. The atmospheric pressure average in Florianopolis is 1013.3 mb with minimum values occurring in January, and the maximum in July. The relative humidity is high and its annual average is 82.

Summer is from December to March and it is characterized by sunny days and hot weather, cloudy in the evening and early morning with the possibility of quick showers and thunder. The temperature average during this period ranges from 21°C to 30°C.
Autumn is from March to May, in this season the rains are not so frequent and the cold temperatures gradually increase. In some moments there can be a strong drop in temperature due to climate phenomena common to this season. There can also be a may summer, characterized with unusually high temperatures out of season. The air is dry, the skies clear and the days are often sunny. It is typically warm until the afternoon when the temperatures start falling drastically. Another typical feature of this season is the fog in the early hours of the day and at night, when the humidity is very high. The south prevailing winds during the following months blow strongly and cold. The temperature average in this season ranges from 18ºC to 27ºC
Winter is from June to August and is marked by the arrival of incessant cold fronts with the presence of cold-dry air masses. In upland areas frost can occur. Climatic conditions also produce fog in the early mornings and evenings. The temperature average in this season is from 13ºC to 22ºC.
Spring is from September to November. In this season the weather is pleasant, perfect to enjoy outdoors. The rainfall increases compared to the winter and there are prolonged periods without rain, which favors the rapid increase in temperature from September on, averaging from 16ºC to 25°C.