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View on the beach of Campeche in Florianopolis

The beach village Campeche is located in the Southeast of the island Florianopolis, between Joaquina and Morro das Pedras, and provides a good infrastructure. The distance to the city center of Florianopolis is 15 kilometers and the distance to the international airport Hercilio Luz is 10 kilometers.
In Campeche you can find many beautiful pousadas and hotels and supermarkets, pharmacies, doctors, restaurants, cafés, fruit and vegetable markets and little stores. Due to the wonderful landscape and the attractive location, the village is very popular. Therefore the population numbers arose and there is much construction work done. The 5 kilometer long beach of Campeche is broad and of powdery sand and provides clear and emerald green water. The rough sea is especially favored by surfers, due to the giant waves.
On windy days, also kitesurfers enjoy the optimal surf cnditions of the Campeche beach.

The harmonious landscape picture is created through white dune landscape and green hillside. From the hill "Morro do Lampiao", which is 220 meters high, you have a great 360° panoramic view. This lookout point is accessible via a Trilha (hiking trail) through the Atlantic rainforest.
From there you can also watch the Island of Campeche, which is 2 kilometers away from the beach. The Island of Campeche has a Caribbean alike beach: white sand and clear, almost transparent water, which is perfectly convenient for snorkeling and for children swimming.

Beside it natural beauty the island of Campeche is also an important archaeological heritage for the state. Millenniums-old petroglyphs with 160 rock paintings have been left over by the ancient inhabitants of the island. The Ilha do Campeche is nature protected as archaeological and scenic national heritage. To preserve the flora and fauna of the island, a maximum of 400 visitors per day is allowed to access the island. There are many trails on the island, but they may only be entered in companion of a guide. Boat trips to the island of Campeche are offered from Barra da Lagoa and Armacao on. Don´t miss the chance of an excursion to this almost untouched and historically interesting nature paradise of Ilha do Campeche!

Campeche offers many options for day trips, hikes and excursions. The broad, sandy beach on Campeche invites its guests to go jogging or taking a long walk. You can stroll along the beach for hours. If you walk northbound, you will reach Joaquina and southbound lays Morro das Pedras and the freshwater lake "Lagoa do Peri".
The most popular part of the beach is the beach "Riozinho", which is located at a little stream. In the surroundings many nice pousadas and a wonderful hotel in Campeche, Florianopolis are located. In the summer you can find beach bars at the beach of Riozinho and live music will be played.
In February 2011, an open air concert with the musicians and surfers Ben Harper, Donavon Frankenreiter and Tom Curren took place. Also other famous surfers can be found at the beach and in the water like Fabio Goveia, who is a former surf worldchampion and lives in the neighboring village. Also the French professional surfer Jeremy Flores was seen here. The Campeche beach is not only favored due to its high waves with an altitude up to 3 meters. At the Southern part of the beach a right break builds up with a strong south swell, which is named the "Direitas do Campeche" by the locals. This very long, to the right ending wave attracts many surfers.

Up to fey years ago, the inhabitants of Campeche lived on fishing. From May to August you can watch the fishermen at the beach of Campeche while fishing Tainha, one of the most popular fish species of the region. Also today the fishing is the main source for income for some injabitants of Campeche. In the meantime, the tourism has also developed and Campeche offers a great variety of accommodations like vacation apartments, nice hotels, pousadas at the beach and daytrips.
To honor the famous French writer Antoine de Saint Exupery the main road of Campeche was named after his most famous opus and is called the "Avenida Pequeno Principe", the little prince avenue. In the 20ies a landing field was established in Campeche by the French airmail company, where the planes on their way from Paris to Buenos Aires could take a rest. The author of the little prince was commander on this route and one of the pilots.

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