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Estaleiro is located within the state of Santa Catarina in South Brazil. The 600 inhabitants hosting community is part of the municipality of Camboriu. Estaleiro lies 11 kilometers south from the center of Balneario Camboriu and about 75 kilometers from Florianopolis in the northwestern direction.
The secluded beach village of Estaleiro is still known as insider´s tip for visitors, because Estaleiro is almost untouched by tourism. Visitors can only find some little living areas, two small shops and some restaurants.

Estaleiro is situated within a wonderful green valley and impresses its visitors with a 1450 meters long lonely beach, which is surrounded by green regions and is part of a national park. The crystal clear water is perfectly convenient for fishing and snorkeling. This is a paradise for nature lovers! At the beach of Estaleiro those feel comfortable, who seek the combination of sea and nature in its original beauty and purity. The surrounding hills and mountains, the great variety of plants, birds and exotic butterflies make this place to a real paradise for nature lovers.

During the main season (December to March) this moony little village is frequented mainly by Argentinean and Brazilian travelers. Off season the beach is deserted and you will only meet some fishermen.
In Estaleiro you can relax! This almost unknown village in South Brazil is perfectly made for relaxation and a family holiday in Santa Catarina. South America´s biggest theme park "Beto Carrero World" is only 35 kilometers away from Estaleiro and is perfectly convenient for a daytrip. Some more fantastic excursions can be made from Estaleiro.

The island Porto Belo is only 25 kilometers away from Estaleiro and in the surroundings of Estaleiro there are many more wonderful beaches and dreamlike hiking trails that can be explored with a daytrip. The vivid city Balneario Camboriu- also known as Copacabana of the South- is easy accessible from Estaleiro. The city has a rich nightlife.

The "Ilha da Magia", the magical island Florianopolis and capital of Santa Catarina lies about 75 kilometers in the southern direction of Estaleiro and offers a great variety of leisure activities for a daytrip.
Estaleiro offers a great variety of wonderful accommodations, pousadas within the nature and apartments at the beach. Get spoiled by the three restaurants, which are located in Estaleiro and enjoy fresh fish dishes, sea food and delicious steaks.

The picturesque village of Estaleiro guarantees a unique and unforgettable time in your holiday in Santa Catarina.