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The 2,5 km long beach Santinho with its clear water and high rocks is surrounded by dunes and is attracting many nature lovers with its picturesque scenery. The sand beach is open to the high seas and truly belongs to the best surf spots within the north of the island, offering high and steady waves. The main attraction is the archaeological outdoor museum, which is located at the end of the beach. Here a little path leads you up the hill, where on its three meter high walls you can observe inscriptions of five thousand years age. Those let you track the ancient lives of hunters, gatherers and fishers, who settled on this island thousands of years ago. On top of the hill you can find some sculptures made of steel, which were set in commemoration of these early settlers. They look especially breath taking in combination with the view over the endless, deep blue ocean and the dawning sun as a background. This is a very special place to watch sunrise and sunset. The hiking route continues on a path over the rocks along the sea until the beach of Mocambique is reached after about one hour of hiking. Thus, it can be assured to visit two of the most beautiful beaches of the island on one day trip. And if that is even not enough, there is the possibility of experiencing some action through rappelling/ canyoning from the 20 meter high Aranha Coast.

Santinho, which is 40 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis, provides a good infrastructure with parking lots at the beach, restaurants, bars and a rental for sun shades and beach chairs. Santinho also offers a great range of accommodations; directly at the beach you can find a the big beach resort "Costao Santinho". Beside, small pousadas offer a familiar, cozy atmosphere where vacationers can relax. The excursion possibilities and outdoor activities in Santinho guarantee a holiday in Florianopolis rich in variety. Vacationers who travel to Santinho are keen on the natural beauty of this beach town.