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Florianopolis beaches

Beach in Florianopolis

Florianopolis offers a fantastic variety of beaches: separated peaceful and almost untouched beaches in the partly still original south of the island and well frequented praias with colorful beach bars in the North. You can chose between powdery, white to gritty, hard sand. Also the sea conditions are different from beach to beach: clear, calm waters or rough, wild waters, in which surfers can hurt for the perfect wave. Beginning with deep blue, over emerald green to shimmery turquoise- that are the colors of the ocean in Santa Catarina. In combination with the paradisiacal beaches, white dune landscape, green hill chains and rocks beautiful scenery is provided. On some days the ocean is surprisingly clear and almost transparent so that you can observe fish in the sea. Also dolphins and whales are found here in the fresh cool sea at the coast. The beaches in the West, at the continent side, offer more calm and warm water than the beaches at the East coast, which are open to the high seas. Due to their excellent conditions, they are favored by surfers from all over the world. The ocean in the North of Florianopolis provides the warmest water.
Florianopolis offers 42 dream beaches. When counting also the small ones, which are more separated, you already count 100. The 500km long coast of Santa Catarina also awaits you with paradisiacal praias. One beach is more beautiful than another and everyone will find his or her favorite beach in Santa Catarina.
We want to introduce to you a range of the most favored and beautiful beaches of the island.

Florianopolis beaches from South to North:

Ribeirao da Ilha beach

The beaches of Ribeirao da Ilha are located at the Southwestern bay of Florianopolis. Here you can find many small beaches with gritty sand and a very calm sea. The beaches of Ribeirao da Ilha are perfect for excursions, leisure activities and for enjoying good food. The sympathetic fishing community is famous for its oyster production. Over half of the Brazilian oysters are cultivated here. The oyster farms are situated offshore in the calm turquoise colored water. In Ribeirao da Ilha you can find a great variety of excellent restaurants. They are located at the sea, specialized on sea food and offer the whole range of oyster dishes and sea food specialties. Those, wanting to taste fresh oysters are at the right place here! Beginning from the restaurants, planks reach to the waterside. Here, also a beautiful view is provided over the beaches of the mainland of Santa Catarina- over green hills, offshore islands and the oyster banks. In Ribeirao da Ilha you have the opportunity to observe wonderful sunsets- the most amazing ones of entire Florianopolis! Ribeirao da Ilha is a perfect excursion destination and provides several tourist attractions, such as the church "Nossa Senhora da Lapa do Ribeirao", which was built in 1806. The church is located at a beautiful, old colonial plaza within the city center of Ribeirao da Ilha. In the ethnological museum of Ribeirao da Ilha, you can discover more about the historical heritage. Not only items of the ancient inhabitants, but also a corn mill are exhibited. Ribeirao da Ilha and Santo Antonio de Lisboa in Florianopolis are the two best sites at the whole coast region of Santa Catarina to get to know more about the cultural influences of ancient colonies. Travel to Ribeirao da Ilha and take a cultural historical excursion to the past of this sympathetic fishing community! In the 16 th century, the Tupi Guarani Indians inhabited Ribeirao da Ilha. Historians can track back the arrival of the first Portuguese and Spanish navigators to this region until 1506. To save the conquered area, Portugal sent inhabitants of the islands of the Azores to Santa Catarina, because there was a surplus of inhabitants. Between 1748 and 1756 about 6.000 Azoreans settled down at the entire coast of Santa Catarina. The district of Ribeirao da Ilha is therefore one of the oldest Azorean settlements. The Azoreans lived on fishing and established a peasant system. The immigrants from the Azores left a great cultural gift to their children: an own dialect, a distinctive allegorical folklore, culinary habits like several fish and sea food dishes and architecture. Not only in Florianopolis, but along the whole coast of Santa Catarina signs of the Azorean culture can be found. The Azorean influence becomes especially evident when observing the architecture. The well-preserved, colorful houses and cobblestone paved alleys in Ribeirao da Ilha are characteristic for this wonderful fishing community. Discover more about the traditions and habits of the inhabitants and enjoy the cultural heritage of Ribeirao da Ilha on a day trip! You can end the day with a good glass of wine, fresh oysters and a miraculous view over the surroundings of Ribeirao da Ilha.
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Naufragados beach

The beach of Naufragados is located at the Southern end of the island Florianopolis. The beach of the "castaways" got its name from an accident of Azorean inhabitants, which took place in 1752 at the coast of the bay. The Naufragados beach is accessible via boat on days with calm water, but on other days only accessible by foot. A trail, which is about 3 kilometers long, leads across the Atlantic rainforest and to one of the most beautiful beaches after about 50 minutes of hiking. The beach is part of the natural reserve Serra do Tabuleiro. The 1500 kilometers long, white, sandy beach is especially favored by those, liking a more rough landscape. The beach Naufragados is famous for its rough sea and offers excellent conditions for surfing. From the beach on you have a wonderful view over the island Aracatuba, where the fortress Nossa Senhora da Conceicao is located. When the sea is calm, you can visit the fortness. At the right end of the beach a little path leads along the rock coast to a lighthouse. From there, you have a unique view. Behind the rock some fishing boats will bring you back to your starting point. The beach Naufragados in Florianopolis is worth a daytrip!
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Caieira da Barra do Sul beach

At this beach in the South of Florianopolis you can find green hills with Atlantic rainforest and a deep blue calm sea. Here is the beginning of a trail, which leads you up the Southern peak of Florianopolis, to the Naufragados beach. The beach Caieira da Barra do Sul is located about 38 kilometers away from the city center and can be seen from the mainland city Palhoca.

Pantano do Sul beach

The 2,35 kilometers long beach of Pantano do Sul provides a beautiful picture with its colorful fishing boats. The beach is very calm and perfectly convenient for promenades along the water line. The moony fishing village Pantano do Sul was founded by the Azoreans and is famous for its traditional fishermen beach in whole Santa Catarina. Here, you can enjoy the view over the turquoise-colored sea from one of the specialized fish restaurants, who also serve fine sea food dishes. The beach is especially favored by families with children.
In Pantano do Sul you can also find the archaeological site of the find in Cemiterio Hill and the hiking trail to the beach of Lagoinha do Leste. The distance to the city center of Florianopolis is 31 kilometers and in Pantano do Sul you can find varios accommodation offers. Nice pousadas, which are located in the middle of the beautiful hills or at the beach suggest you to rest and relax. Furthermore, the great variety in day trip offers and excursions in Pantano do Sul guarantees an unforgettable holiday in Florianopolis.

Solidao beach

The Solidao beach in Pantano do Sul in the South of Florianopolis consists of a bay between green hills and rocks. Here you can find a great variety of hard sand. The sea is perfectly made for swimming. A little trail leads to a beautiful waterfall with a natural pool. From here leads another trail to the beach Saquinho.

Acores beach

The Acores beach is located between the beaches Solidao and the southern part of the bay Pantano do Sul. It offers hard white sand and cool water. Especially on days with little wind, the sea is convenient for swimming. From here you have a view over the islands "Tres Irmas" and "Moleques do Sul".

Lagoinha do Leste beach

Located in the Southeast of Florianopolis, the secluded and untouched beach Lagoinha do Leste is the most beautiful beach of the island (as named by nature lovers). It is situated between the beaches Pantano do Sul and Armacao and cam only be accessed by foot and by boat on days with a calm sea. This is the right place tor adventurers! The hike towards Lagoinha do Leste can start off from two different points: Reach this place from Pantano do Sul, where a steep, 2.3 kilometer long way leads towards the beach of Lagoinha do Leste. After about two hours of hiking, you arrive in Lagoinha do Leste. It is also possible to take a hiking tour from the beach Matadeiro, which lasts about three hours and has a flat slope. This way is 4.3 kilometers long. Both ways guide you along a steep coast through the Atlantic rainforest towards unique nature scenery: steep seaside bluffs; a miraculous beach surrounded by green hillside; a freshwater lagoon, which is optimal for swimming, and the emerald green water of the ocean, which is convenient for surfing. The beach of Lagoinha do Leste in Florianopolis is a "must" for a day trip and should not be missed! Accommodationscan be found in the surrounding villages Pantano do Sul and Armacao. There are several pousadas near the beach that offer a cozy and friendly atmosphere for relaxation and are just the best for your holiday in Florianopolis.
Don´t forget: a companion, who knows the place, is able to guide you to your goal and can provide some information about the fantastic flora and fauna; sunblocker; mosquito repellent; much drinking water and something to eat, because at the beach there are neither bars nor restaurants. Please bring also a trash bag, for packaging and leftovers have to be taken back. Help us protecting this unique paradise!

Matadeiro beach

The beach of Matadeiro in the South of Florianopolis is separated from the beach of Armacao by a little river and is therefore only accessible by foot over a small path. The beach is situated in a shielded bay and offers nice scenery with its green hills. At the Southern end it is also convenient for swimming. It is also favored by volleyball and beach soccer players. At the Praia Matadeiro artists offer their handicrafts and there is a great offer of bars. From the rocks you have an amazing view over the beaches Armacao, Morro das Pedra and Campeche. With some luck you can observe dolphins in the summer months. The Matadeiro beach is an ideal destination for a daytrip in Florianopolis. Beginning from here, a trail leads to the paradisiacal beach Lagoinha do Leste. A variety of accommodations and nice pousadas are located in the near at the beach of Armacao.

Armacao beach

The 2,25 kilometers long beach is inhabited by fishermen and is very popular for its white sand and clear water. The Praia de Armacao is convenient for surfing, fishing, trips, leisure activities and to enjoy delicious food. Moreover, the service and tourist infrastructure is provided and is located 25 kilometers from the city center of Florianopolis. The beach end is especially favoured by surfers, because it is located in the north where the sea is more agitated. The middle beach is occupied by the inhabitants. There are beautiful pousadas directly located at the beach that ensure just the right opportunity to relax. At the southern end of the beach bars, restaurants and a settlement of fishermen can be found. Here, the sea is more calm and colorful fishing boats cast off to the island of Campeche (Ilha do Campeche).
In former times this place served whalers as a base. The name of the island originated from this time of active whaling. Especially the fish oil was worked with. Until 1920, many inhabitants of Armacao lived on whaling. Today, the blue giants are protected by many organizations and attract animal lovers and spectators in the winter months between July and October for whale watching.
At the southern beach end, colorful fishing boats cast off to the island of Campeche (Ilha do Campeche). A beautiful way leads to the near beach Matadeiro- one of the favorite spots for surfers. Also located in Armacao, the popular national park Lagoa do Perí invites vacationers for a kayaktour, to swim, and walk along.

Morro das Pedras beach

The nice beach Morro das Pedras is situated between Armacao and Campeche and about 22 kilometers away from the inner city of Florianopolis. It is the extension of Joaquina and Campeche and therefore convenient for promenades. Partly, the beach is protected by a natural reserve and especially favored by nature lovers. Surfer and families with children can be found at the beach of Morro das Pedras. The wild sea is perfectly convenient for surfers. From Morro das Pedras you have an amazing view over the offshore island Campeche. The national park of the fresh water lagoon Lagoa do Peri is reachable from here. The clean and calm lake invites its guests to swim and numerous trails to hike across the subtropical landscape. Near the beach there is a lookout point and the "Jesuits-retreat-house"- a building that was built with stones from the region. From here you have a unique view over the beach Armacao and the lake Lagoa do Peri. At the end of the beach you can enjoy the view over the sea with a freshly squeezed juice in one of the nice restaurants. There are several excursions and daytrips offered in Morro das Pedras. Cozy pousadas and a hotel with sea view guarantee a diversified vacation in Florianopolis. The town is also the home of the famous tennis player Gustavo Kuerten.

Campeche beach

The 5 kilometer long beach of Campeche is broad and of powdery sand and provides clear and emerald green water. The rough sea is especially favored by surfers, due to the giant waves. On windy days, also kitesurfers enjoy the optimal surf cnditions of the Campeche beach. The harmonious landscape picture is created through white dune landscape and green hillside. From the hill "Morro do Lampiao", which is 220 meters high, you have a great panoramic view. This lookout point is accessible via a Trilha (hiking trail) through the Atlantic rainforest. From there you can also watch the Island of Campeche, which is 2 kilometers away from the beach. The Island of Campeche has a Caribbean alike beach: white sand and clear, almost transparent water, which is perfectly convenient for snorkeling and for children swimming. Beside it natural beauty the island of Campeche is also an important archaeological heritage for the state. Millenniums-old petroglyphs with 160 rock paintings have been left over by the ancient inhabitants of the island. The Ilha do Campeche is nature protected as archaeological and scenic national heritage. To preserve the flora and fauna of the island, a maximum of 400 visitors per day is allowed to access the island. There are many trails on the island, but they may only be entered in companion of a guide. Boat trips to the island of Campeche are offered from Barra da Lagoa and Armacao on. Don´t miss the chance of an excursion to this almost untouched and historically interesting nature paradise of Ilha do Campeche!
The most popular part of the Campeche beach is the beach "Riozinho", which is located at a little stream. In the surroundings many nice pousadas and a wonderful hotel in Campeche, Florianopolis are located. In the summer you can find beach bars at the beach of Riozinho and live music will be played. In February 2011, an open air concert with the musicians and surfers Ben Harper, Donavon Frankenreiter and Tom Curren took place. Also other famous surfers can be found at the beach and in the water like Fabio Goveia, who is a former surf world champion and lives in the neighboring village. Also the French professional surfer Jeremy Flores was seen here. The Campeche beach is not only favored due to its high waves with an altitude up to 3 meters. At the Southern part of the beach a right break builds up with a strong south swell, which is named the "Direitas do Campeche" by the locals. This very long, to the right ending wave attracts many surfers.
More Information about Accommodations, pousadas and hotels in Campeche, Florianopolis, about the boat trip to the Ilha do Campeche and the hiking tour to the Morro do Lampiao you get here.

Joaquina beach

The beach of Joaquina is world widely famous for the perfect surfing conditions and offers an excellent infrastructure for its visitors. It belongs to the most favored beaches of the island of Florianopolis and to the most famous beaches of Brazil. Surfers are enjoying the high waves at Joaquina beach, as they are the best ones of the whole island of Florianopolis. Since the 70ies, there are surfers competingwith each other in Joaquina and since 1986 also international surf competitions take place. The beach of Joaquina has a length of 3,5 kilometers and its position is unprotected to the open seas. Due to the high waves and the strong current, Joaquina beach is not very convenient for swimming.
Joaquina beach is also famous for the beautiful, wide dune landscape. Vacationers can take some action with sandboarding and surf the dunes. The sandboards for this leisure activity can be lent out at Joaquina. The colorful boards on the white sand under the clear blue sky are very nice to see. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic view across the beach from the rocky coast. Sports fans have made the right choice with Joaquina beach. Due to floodlights, it is also possible to play volleyball and soccer in the night. The smooth, 3 kilometers long, sandy beach is perfectly convenient for long promenades and jogging. The wide and long area of sand stretches from Praia Campeche to the beach of Morro das Pedras. The nice village Lagoa de Conceicao is located behind the dunes of Joaquina, which is situated at the greatest freshwater lagoon of Florianopolis. The distance to Praia Mole is about 3 kilometers and Joaquina beach is 17 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis. Vacationers find an excellent infrastructure in Joaquina with hotels, restaurants, bars, a police station, lifeguards, public showers and toilets. Furthermore, there are a big parking lot, ice cream parlors, handcrafts and a great variety of accommodation offers with pousadas and hotels. Moreover, Joaquina provides a variety of excursions, leisure activities, day trips and outdoor activities, which guarantee a diversified holiday in Florianopolis, Brazil.
The name of the beach derives from the story of the widow Joaquina. The fishing boat of her husband was found without him after a storm. The sad widow was waiting for her husband day to day, sitting on a rock, until she was taken by a giant wave herself.
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Praia Mole beach

The favoured beach town Praia Mole provides a very good infrastructure. Many restaurants and a vivid night life can be found within the surroundings of Praia Mole. What´s more, the variety of accommodation offers is great: Chose between small, cozy pousadas or a hotel directly at the beach. The sea is sparkling in turquoise colours and the beach is of soft, white sand. The green hillside, the rounded rocks and small offshore islands make this place almost heavenly. The Mole beach is especially favoured by young people and sports fans and is called the surf paradise of the island. Due to the openness to the high seas, the waves are very high and are used for several surf tournaments at the Mole beach. The southern, rough hillside is occupied by paragliders, who use it as a platform for their flights. They land in the soft, white sand of the 1 kilometer long beach. There is also a volleyball court at the beach and ball games are played all over the beach. The Mole beach is the place where the in-crowd of Florianopolis comes together and even many actors and famous artists are enjoying the sun at this wonderful place. Vacationers can chose between various beach bars, which serve sea food and snacks and offer opportunities to rest. This beach is also known for its gay and lesbian scene. Although there is a lifeguard station, the beach of Mole is not recommendable to families with children, because of the strong current. A public parking lot and showers are provided. The Praia Mole beach is located 15 kilometers from the city center on Florianopolis and attracts vacationers with its great variety of offers for excursions, hiking, paragliding, surfing and many activities more. The suggestions for outdoor activities are numerous and vacationers have the opportunity to undertake miscellaneous day trips.
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Galheta beach

The beach of Galheta is only accessible by foot and is located at the eastern coast of Florianopolis, between Praia Mole and the Barra beach. Galheta is part of the park "Parque Municipal da Praia Galheta", which has about 150 ha of atlantic rainforest, wild orchids and bromeliads. The beach of Galheta, which is 1 kilometer long, has access to the open seas and is one of the calmest beaches within the surrounding ones at the same time. To reach the beach of Galheta, you have to follow 300 meters of a path at the left side of the Mole beach. This way leads you across the rocky coast towards Praia Galheta, which is the only nude beach of Florianopolis. Since 1986, this beach is used by nudists. Two other hiking trails lead you to Barra da Lagoa and Fortaleza da Barra. Galheta offers a variety of excursions. Accommodations and nice pousadas are situated in the neighboring beach villages Barra da Lagoa and Praia Mole in Florianopolis.

Barra da Lagoa beach

The beach of Barra da Lagoa is located at the East coast of Florianopolis. Praia Barra da Lagoa belongs to the most favored beaches of Florianopolis. Although it has connection to the high seas, the location is protected and calm and is therefore perfectly convenient for surf beginners. The sand of Barra da Lagoa is fine and the water has a minor salinity, because of the mixture with water from the lagoon Lagoa da Conceicao. The look of the light house at the beach is miraculous. Officially, there are 650 meters of coast, but as the Barra da Lagoa cannot geographically be separated from the Mocambique coast, which is 8 kilometers long, it is a wonderful place for promenades. Another local attraction is the suspension bridge, which crosses the Barra channel. Here, you can watch colorful fishes and turtles, swimming in the water. When you cross the bridge, you can reach a path to Prainha do Leste, a handsome little beach with almost untouched nature, surrounded by rocks and much vegetation. Barra da Lagoa offers a multitude of excursions and is an ideal place for day trips, outdoor activities and leisure activities. The boats to Ilha do Campeche cast off from here. A trip to the fishing village Barra do Lagoa in Florianopolis gives the opportunity to get to know the most successful nature protection project of Brazil the turtle project TAMAR (Projeto Tamar). You get to know the turtles, which are living at the Brazilian coast. TAMAR is short for Tartaruga Marinha, translated: sea turtle. This successful project was initiated in 1980 by the Brazilian environmental authority IBAMA and is today supported by a nonprofit organization. Their aim is the protection of the five species of turtles, which are critically endangered. Beside the supervision and the protection of the turtles, a large campaign for environmental education and the establishment of alternative sources of income belongs to the project. This interesting project is worth a visit!
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Mocambique beach

Praia Mocambique is 35 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis. With a length of 12.5 kilometers, the beach of Mocambique is the longest beach of the island of Florianopolis. Surrounded by a unique dune landscape, the beach of Mocambique is situated near nature reserves. The park "Parque Florestal do Rio Velmelho" is a reserve with an area of 4000m² and offers a diversified vegetation and exotic birds species. Take a walk at this wonderful place with the white dunes, which are separating the park from the ocean. Here is the paradise for nature lovers! The endless, white, sandy beach is perfectly convenient for exploring this beautiful landscape horseback and to career along the longest beach of the island of Florianopolis. In Mocambique you can find a scientific base about ocean culture, which is managed by the park and can be visited. The isolated location of the beach, its size and only a slight commercial infrastructure are the factors that guarantee privacy. This is the ideal place for relaxation! At the beach of Mocambique there is no built-up area and no paved streets that lead to the beach because of the natural protection. However, accommodation can be found in the village Rio Vermelho, only a footstep away from the beach. Surfers enjoy the high waves and undercurrents at Praia Mocambique that come up because of the location open to the high seas. Praia Mocambique provides a great opportunity for surfing without crowds of people. The part of the beach "Camping da Barra" is convenient for windsurfing.
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Santinho beach

The 2,5 km long beach Santinho with its clear water and high rocks is surrounded by dunes and is attracting many nature lovers with its picturesque scenery. The sand beach is open to the high seas and truly belongs to the best surf spots within the north of the island, offering high and steady waves. The main attraction is the archaeological outdoor museum, which is located at the end of the beach. Here a little path leads you up the hill, where on its three meter high walls you can observe inscriptions of five thousand years age. Those let you track the ancient lives of hunters, gatherers and fishers, who settled on this island thousands of years ago. On top of the hill you can find some sculptures made of steel, which were set in commemoration of these early settlers. They look especially breath taking in combination with the view over the endless, deep blue ocean and the dawning sun as a background. This is a very special place to watch sunrise and sunset. The hiking route continues on a path over the rocks along the sea until the beach of Mocambique is reached after about one hour of hiking. Thus, it can be assured to visit two of the most beautiful beaches of the island on one day trip. And if that is even not enough, there is the possibility of experiencing some action through rappelling/ canyoning from the 20 meter high Aranha Coast. Santinho, which is 40 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis, provides a good infrastructure with parking lots at the beach, restaurants, bars and a rental for sun shades and beach chairs. Santinho also offers a great range of accommodations; directly at the beach you can find a beautiful Resort. Beside, small pousadas offer a familiar, cozy atmosphere where vacationers can relax. The excursion possibilities and outdoor activities in Santinho guarantee a holiday in Florianopolis rich in variety. Vacationers who travel to Santinho are keen on the natural beauty of this beach town.

Ingleses beach

The beach Ingleses is located 36 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis. It is situated in the North of the island between the beaches Praia do Santinho and Praia Brava. The vast dune landscape that surrounds the beach Ingleses ist characteristical as well as the narrow 5 kilometers long white sandy strip. The beach has an excellent infrastructure with many bars, restaurants, night clubs and accommodations directly at the Ingleses beach with view over the deep blue sea. The water temperatures are very pleasant and warmer than at the Southern beaches. There are many leisure and activity offers in Ingleses. In the favored beach town Ingleses in Florianopolis you will have the opportunity to take a boat trip or go sand boarding in the dunes. The Ingleses beach is a vivid town with its beach bars and the small center. In the commercial center of Ingleses the Azorean tradition is protected- regardless of the high number of tourists. You can buy some nice souvenirs here. The name Ingleses originates from a british ship thatran ashore here in the 18 th century.

Brava beach

The Brava beach is 38 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis. It consists of a 1.5 kilometer long bay with the shimmery blue sea and the soft white sand in contrast to the Atlantic rainforest. This vegetation covers also the hills of the charming beach town Praia Brava. In comparison to the other in the North situated beaches the sea in Praia Brava is relatively wild. The crystal clear water is perfectly convenient for surfing and diving. Also other extreme sports can be practiced here. The Praia Brava is one of the most favorite beaches of Florianopolis and is especially frequented by young people. The beach offers a good infrastructure with many restaurants, bars and good accommodation. Many nice pousadas and hotels stand beside luxurious residential buildings. On your way to Praia Brava you pass by "mirantes" lookout points, which provide an amazing panoramic view from the top of the hill.

Praia da Lagoinha beach

The small beach that is situated at the northern tip of the island Florianopolis with only 800 meters length, is favored because of its calm sea, clear water and fine sand- especially by families with children. The water temperatures are convenient and the calm, warm water is convenient for swimming. The colorful fishing boats at the beach of Praia Lagoinha provide wonderful scenery. Here you can watch the fishermen casting their nets and give them a hand. You can explore the familiar atmosphere in this small village and talk with the inhabitants in one of the beach bars while drinking a cerveja (beer). At the beach you can also find restaurants. The beach village Lagoinha, a former fishermen colony, offers its visitors much quietness and is a perfect place for relaxation in Florianopolis. Also some shopping facilities are on site. A bigger commercial center can be found in the neighboring village Ponta das Canas. The beach Lagoinha is situated 34 kilometers from the center of Florianopolis. There´s a beautiful Pousada on the Lagoinha beach with an amazing view.

Ponta das Canas beach

The beach of Ponta das Canas is located in the North of the island and is next to the beaches Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, Lagounha and Praia Brava. It lays 34 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis and 40 kilometers away from the airport Hercilio Luz International. In the beach village, you can find a fishermen colony, which is still active today and whose fish you can eat in the surrounding restaurants. Along the 1.9 kilometers white sandy beach you can find amazing restaurants, bars, hotels, pousadas and lodges. The sea is here very calm and due to its pleasantly warm water temperatures convenient for families with children. The calm sea is convenient for swimming and fishing. Also divers and snorkelers enjoy this paradise with the clear, turquoise colored sea. A 300 meter long trail connects Praia Ponta das Canas with the Praia Lagoinha.

Cachoeira de Bom Jesus beach

The 3 kilometers long beach Cachoeira de Bom Jesus is located between the beaches Ponta das Canas and Cansvieiras in the North of Florianopolis. The white sandy beach, the green hilly landscape and the turquoise colored clear and calm water attract many visitors. Within the near forest a little cachoeira (waterfall) can be found, which gave the village and the beach their name. The solid sand of Cachoeira de Bom Jeses is ideally made for promenades. The calm, clear ocean with its pleasant water temperatures is especially convenient for families with children and for water sports like swimming, diving, snorkeling and canoe tours. The wonderful sunsets give the dream beach a breath taking colorfulness. The beach village Cachoeira de Bom Jesus is urbanized and has a good infrastructure with hotels, lodges, restaurants, camping places, supermarkets, school and pharmacies. Here are some paddling and surf schools. The beach of Cachoeira de Bom Jesus is located 23 kilometers from the inner city of Florianopolis.

Canasvieiras beach

The 2 kilometers long beach of Canasvieiras is located in the North of the island, 27 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis and 39 kilometers away from the airport Hercilio Luz. Offshore lies the island Frances. The sea at the Praia Canasvieiras shimmers emerald green, is warm and calm and the sand is very fine. The vivid beach village is especially favored by Argentineans. It is the perfect destination for daytrips and excursions in Florianopolis and for a variety of leisure activities like swimming, surfing, hiking, fishing, diving, snorkeling and boat trips. The beach Canasvieiras offers an excellent infrastructure with many shops, medical institutions, banks, a police station and supermarkets that are open 24/7. Here is the life! A great offer of accommodations awaits you in Canasvieiras, Florianopolis. There are hotels directly at the beach, charming pousadas, vacation apartments and camping places. A great offer of bars with live music, restaurants, night clubs as well as parties guarantees a diversified vacation in Canasvieiras, Florianopolis. At the beach you can rent beach chairs, sun shades and kayaks. Beginning from a pier, boats cast off to other beaches, offshore islands and historical fortresses. There is also the opportunity to practice different kinds of water sports like wind surfing, jet ski, kayaking or banana boat. Who wants to stay on land, can explore the wonderful landscape by bike or practice some tennis- a sport that is very famous here in the hotels and clubs. At the Canasvieiras beach you can play soccer, volleyball and Frisbee. There is also a little playground for children near the beach, where the small visitors of Canasvieiras can enjoy their vacation. The In-beach Jurere is very near. In the off season, Canasvieiras is moony and peaceful. You should not miss a boat trip to the island Anhatomirim, where you can visit the oldest and biggest fortress of Florianopolis. The boat trip leads across the Baia dos Golfinhos (dolphin bay) where you can sometimes observe playing dolphins.

Jurere beach

The beach of Jurere is located in the North of the island, 23 kilometers from the inner-city of Florianopolis and 30 kilometers from the International Airport Hercílio Luz. One part of the beach is called Jurerê Tradicional, the other one is Jurerê Internacional. The names separate the ancient part of the village from the modern residential area, Jurerê Beach Village, which is known for its raised lifestyle. Here you can admire noble mansions, surrounded by palm trees, and luxurious residences with helipads. Porsche drivers cruise around and in the beach clubs and the corks of champagne bottles are popping. The famous nightlife attracts many young people to Jurere. New York Times titled Jurere as "the Place to Be". Jurere Internacional offers a multitude of shopping facilities, an open air shopping mall, nice cafés, excellent restaurants, a varied party program, famous clubs and an outstanding offer of hotels and pousadas. Directly located at the beach, Jurere Beach Village is a charming beach resort, which provides its guests fantastic leisure facilities and a panoramic view onto the sea.
Here the sea is clear, calm, pleasantly warm and shines in emerald green. Jurere is surrounded by an area of mangrove swamp, which is watered by the river Ratones and the tides. This area is protected by the eco station "Estação Ecológica de Carijós" and still has 60 of its original size. The beach is characterized by its very fine, white sand and is not only favoured by families with children, but also by sports fans. The beach is perfectly dedicated for a variety of water sports, such as jet-skiing, diving, snorkelling and sailing. Boat trips are also offered. In Jurere you can find a wide range of leisure facilities with many opportunities for an excursion in Florianópolis. During the whole year, Sailing tournaments are taking place and in May thousands of sports fans from all over the world participate in the worldwide famous and international "Iron Man Triathlon". The beach of Jurere is the "In Beach" of Florianópolis and is known in whole Brazil. Jurere is a synonym for good taste and charm.

Forte beach

The beach Praia do Forte is in the North of the island between the Praias Jurere International and Daniela, 27 kilometers away from the city center of Florianopolis. The sea is very calm here, pleasantly warm and perfectly made for swimming and for families with children. On days with strong east wind, there are waves that also attract surfers. Due to the difficult access to the beach, the Forte beach is one of the more peaceful beaches of Florianopolis. A narrow, steep way leads to the Praia Forte. In the near of the beach there is the fortress "Forte de Sao Rose da Ponta Grossa", which was built in the 18 th century. This fortress protected the island in former times and is historical culture heritage since 1938. There is also a boat rental, small bars and restaurants, which serve sea food. The colorful boats of the little fishing community of Praia do Forte lay at the beach. A small, rocky coast line offers protection for the 900 meter long beach. The sea is cleaner than at other beaches in southern direction. The trail "Trilha da Cruz" leads you on one of the surrounding green hills, which provide a wonderful panoramic view over the region. The broad beach is perfectly made for playing soccer and volleyball. Visitors of Florianopolis should take a trip to Praia do Forte on their vacation in Florianopolis. Beginning from the beach also an excursion to the lookout point at the beach Forte is a good idea. Nice accommodations, hotels and pousadas are located at the neighboring beaches Praia Jurere and Daniela.

Daniela beach

Daniela beach, which is 2 kilometers long, is located in the North of Florianopolis. The beach was named after the granddaughter of a local businessman in the 70ies. The beautiful beach Daniela das white, fine sand, a calm sea without waves and is perfectly convenient for swimming and fishing with the pleasant water temperatures. On the broad beach children can play while their parents can relax under one of the trees at the beach or while taking a walk. With Northeast wind also wind and kite surfers come to Daniela beach. Some brave visitors climb the rocks that separate the Daniela beach from the Forte beach and hike about 20 minutes across the "Caminho do Forte" to the fortress "Sao Jose da Ponta Grossa". The fortress is under monument protection as was restored by specialists from the University "Universidade de Santa Catarina" (UFSC). At the other and of the beach there is a mangrove swamp. Here you can observe the fishermen while fishing crabs and shells. Daniela beach, which is 26 kilometers away from Florianopolis, offers a great variety of accommodations, vacation apartments and pousadas. More accommodation like hotels, pousadas and a beautiful beach resort can be found in the near beach of Jurere. The beautiful, peaceful Daniela beach is perfectly made for a daytrip during your vacation in Florianopolis.

Sambaqui beach

The Sambaqui beach belongs to the region Santo Antonio de Lisboa. The sea lays to the side of the continent and is very calm. You have a gorgeous panoramic view over the mainland and the "Baia Norte" (North bay). The Azorean architecture is characteristic for this place. The name "Sambaqui" has its origin in the language of the former inhabitants and means "cemetery". When you split up the word, other translations are possible. Samba or tamba means shell, oyster and quire means sleeping, doing. Everywhere at the beach you will find many of shells. These shells attracted many researchers, who are interested in stoned plants and animals and the bones of the former inhabitants. Sambaqui is a traditional fishing community, where Azorean folklore and dance culture is still in. The Azorean community in Sambaqui preserves its traditions and habits on several religious fests and dances like the "boi de mamao", the "ratoeira" and the ribbon dance "pau de fita". Sambaqui is a peaceful beach village for relaxation, where you can find many bars, very good restaurants and vacation apartments. More accommodations and wonderful pousadas can be found in the neighboring village Santo Antonio de Lisboa. Sambaqui is 17 kilometers away from the inner city of Florianopolis.

Santo Antonio de Lisboa

The beach of Santo Antonio de Lisboa offers a unique view over the continental side as well as on the North Bay. Here the most beautiful sunsets of Florianopolis can be observed from. These can be enjoyed with good food and a glass of wine in one of the excellent, seaside fish restaurants. At the Santo Antonio de Lisboa Praia huge rocks and boulders are scattered in the thick sand. The calm sea has a pleasant and warm water temperature for swimming. Santo Antônio de Lisboa was the first church that was founded in 1750 by the Azores. The Azores were in the middle of the 18th Century on the island. The influence of the Azores in Santo Antonio de Lisboa is reflected strongly in the architecture of the place. The small, colorful houses and narrow streets give the friendly fishing village a very special flair. A trip to Santo Antônio de Lisboa is very worthwhile, because the place offers interesting sights. Noteworthy is the 1756 built church "Nossa Senhora das Necessidades" and the Azores house where beautiful handicrafts, pottery and coffee can be found. The trail "Caminho das Acores" leads to a dating from 1860 grain mill. The community will preserve the traditions and customs of the Azores, which represents a year with great joy at the religious festival "Festa do Divino", "Espirito Santo", "Terno de Reis" and "Cacumbi". The dance groups perform traditional folklore dances at the festivals: "Boi-de-Mamao", "Ratoeira" and "Pau de Fita". You should you should definitely check out the festivals during your vacation in Florianopolis! Besides the fish, the oyster is another important part of the community. The oyster farms can be visited by prior arrangement. The colorful streets are cluttered with many craft shops to stroll. Santo Antonio de Lisboa is located 13 km from Florianopolis city center. In Santo Antonio de Lisboa you come to a very good infrastructure, a wide range of excursion options for day trips and excellent accommodation with nice pousadas in Santo Antonio de Lisboa, Florianopolis.

Cacupe beach

The Cacupe beach is located in the Western region of Florianopolis and is 12 kilometers away from downtown Florianopolis. The beach is visited mainly by locals. In Cacupe fishing is still tradition. There is also an oyster farm. The site combines modernity with excellent infrastructure and centuries old traditions of the locals who live on fishing and oyster farming. The beach Cacupe is ideal for those who crave on vacation in Florianopolis for peaceful and charming scenery, enjoy a stroll along the sea, or enjoy a traditional fish dish on the beach in the nearby bars and restaurants of the sunset. The beach Cacupe offers a view of the continental side of Florianopolis, over the North Bay "Baia Norte" and the famous "Hercilio Luz Bridge." The name "Cacupe" comes from the vocabulary of the former islanders, the indigenous Tupi-Guarani tribe and means "the Green behind the hill."
Cacupe region and is n excellent destination for excursions. Here historical and cultural daytrips in Florianopolis can be undertaken. A wide range of accommodation and comfortable pousadas in Florianopolis are located in the neighboring village of Santo Antonio de Lisboa.