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Lagoa da Conceicao

View on the Lagoa da Conceição in Florianopolis

This place, illustrating one of the most beautiful postcard pictures of Florianópolis, is one of the most popular sites of the island due to its location at the lake. As it was one of the first settlements in Florianópolis, the colonisation by the Azores can be found within the architecture of many houses and in traditions of the native inhabitants. With its central position within Florianópolis, Lagoa de Conceicao forms the heart of the island. The little village provides a good infrastructure, containing hotels and lovely pousadas in familiar surroundings, cozy cafés, bars, night clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, small shopping centers and stores of all kinds. Within the "Centrinho" of Lagoa this is where the action is.

The landscape of this idyllic location is also impressing: The turquoise-coloured lagoon has a longitude of 15 kilometers and is connected to the sea by a channel, a unique dune landscape and many gorgeous beaches, which are nearby and perfectly convenient for surfing.
Lagoa offers a wide range of excursions. Explore the wonderful landscape while taking a boat trip on the crystal clear freshwater lake or go hiking along the Atlantic Rainforest. Discover the area from another perspective and enjoy the panoramic view over the paradisiacal lakescape while taking a paragliding tandem flight. Become enchanted by the dune landscape and prove your athletic skills with Sandboarding/ Wide-board slipping. Beyond that Lagoa de Conceicao offers optimal conditions for Kite- and Windsurfers. The vast range of flat water within the lake is an excellent precondition for surf beginners. Take the perfect chance to check out this popular sport!
The water of the lagoon is pleasantly warm and suggests swimming. The esplanade seems to be made for picnics and promenades. This is where families with children feel comfortable! The lake is surrounded by forested hillside. You can have a wonderful panoramic view from the lookout on the hill Morro de Lagoa. The colourful village is decorated with mosaics and at the market, which takes place every Sunday, handcrafts made from local artists can be bought. Located at the lake, Avenida das Rendeiras is famous for handcrafts, especially for pillow lace. Here you can observe the traditional manufacturing.
The beautiful village of Lagoa de Conceicao in Florianópolis, which is located at the lake, is a "must" for every tourist and the wide range of offers of day trips has to be used. The accommodation in Lagoa de Conceicao offers with nice pousadas in a cozy atmosphere and centrality just the best for your holiday in Florianopolis.