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The beach of Galheta is only accessible by foot and is located at the eastern coast of Florianopolis, between Praia Mole and the Barra beach.
Galheta is part of the park "Parque Municipal da Praia Galheta", which has about 150 ha of atlantic rainforest, wild orchids and bromeliads. The beach of Galheta, which is 1 kilometer long, has access to the open seas and is one of the calmest beaches within the surrounding ones at the same time.
To reach the beach of Galheta, you have to follow 300 meters of a path at the left side of the Mole beach. This way leads you across the rocky coast towards Praia Galheta, which is the only nude beach of Florianopolis. Since 1986, this beach is used by nudists. Two other hiking trails lead you to Barra da Lagoa and Fortaleza da Barra.
Galheta offers a variety of excursions. Accommodations and nice pousadas are situated in the neighboring beach villages Barra da Lagoa and Praia Mole in Florianopolis.