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Ilha do Papagaio

The parrot´s island "Ilha do Papagaio" is located ca. 30 kilometers south of Florianopolis in Santa Catarina within the district of Palhoça. The island has a size of 142.000 m² and contains 80 natural vegetation in original, untouched shape. The beautiful Ilha do Papageio is positioned within a natural reserve and the "Mata Atlântica"; the Atlantic Rainforest provides the island with its green appearance. The variety of flora and fauna can be explored via seven ecological trilhas (hiking trails).

The parrot´s island is perfect for a day trip and also serves for longer stays, due to the relaxing peace and a wide range of offers in the heart of the nature. On the island, many various species of birds can be observed and also exotic, palm-sized butterflies.
Between July and October you can also observe penguins and whales on the Ilha do Papagaio. At this season, the whale species "Baleias Francas" gives birth to their calves at the coast of Santa Catarina. Besides Whale watching, this paradisiacal island offers a wide range of excursions and leisure facilities: For example fishing, kayaking or water ski; explore the underwater world by diving and snorkelling or just relax in a hammock. When taking a boat trip, you can discover more wonderful islands of Santa Catarina, like the "Ilha do Campeche", the "Ilha dos Corais", the "Ilha dos Moleques do Sul" and the "Ilha das Três Irmãs".

Since 1971 the parrot´s island is privately owned by family Sehn, who have decided in 1993 to transform the habitable part of the island into an eco resort. The preservation of nature was their primary aim and harmony between the natural beauty of the island and the settlement was created. The guests can find all comfort within the lovely arranged chalets of the pousada. The restaurant serves a variety of fresh fish dishes, sea food, typical dishes of the region, salads and freshly baked bread. The unique eco resort on the Ilha do Papagaio provides everything one can look for in a perfect holiday and guarantees that your time in the south of Florianopolis in Santa Catarina will be unforgettable. Get spoiled in the nature paradise of the Ilha do Papagaio and live in harmony with the nature.

You can reach the Ilha do Papagaio via boat from Florianopolis within 40 minutes or via helicopter within 10 minutes- a breathtaking view over the coast of Florianopolis and Santa Catarina is inclusive! Another option is to park the car at a guarded parking lot on the mainland and come to the Ilha do Papagaio by boat shuttle.
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